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Mar 14 2014

Mt Silverheels 13,822′ Southeast Gully Via Silverheels Creek 3/10/2014

When I got home from Hippie Trees I was spent from the drive and looking forward to getting a rest day. Then I got a call from Gary and he brought up the idea of skiing Silverheels. We were hoping for some clear warm weather that would soften up the snow and give us our […]

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Jan 10 2014

Red Mountain 13,229′ North Ridge and Glades – A Sweet Winter Summit Ski – 1/8/2014

The late morning starts seem to keep rolling along. Doug and Emilie came over and we loaded up the truck. We then headed up I70 to pick up Kevin and the set forth to Blue River. We geared up and hit the skin track at 10:49. With the weather threatening we played the plan for […]

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Nov 13 2013

Ships Prow – Flying Dutchman Couloir – 11/11/2013 – A Sweet Second Tour in RMNP

So Wednesday I met up with Fred, Mark and Korinne and we skied a few laps at Butler. It was my first time skiing with any of them. While we were skiing Fred mentioned the idea of skiing Flying Dutchman up in the RMNP. That very day another friend had posted some sweet beta pics […]

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Jul 05 2013

Mt Meeker 13,911′ Lamb’s Slide 7/4/2013 – Happy Independence Day

I had originally planned on riding in The Firecracker 50 for the 4th but Allison is dealing with an injury that makes riding super far pretty painful so we opted to go skiing instead. We woke up at 4am in Edgewater and made coffee. Loaded up the car an got on the road. We made […]

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Jul 01 2013

Mt Audubon 13,223′ Coney and Crooked Couloirs – 6/28/2013 – Beautiful Day

Seaching out snow this year has been a little tough. This season’s spring and summer has been so hot that what little snow we did get has been melting out fast. The temps have just bee so hot out there. Thankfully the internet has forums so you can post up threads ask people for beta […]

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Jun 29 2013

Savage Peak 13,139′ Savage Couloir – 6/26/2013 – Fun day with a new partner

So this spring I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some new people. Some of them have been asking me for beta on what I’m seeing in a and around the mountains that I’ve been visiting. I love sharing beta with people. Joel Paula has been in touch for beta on various routes thru the spring […]

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Jun 27 2013

Grizzly Peak 13,427 Grizzly Couloir – Mt Spalding 13,842′ Sunrise Couloir 6/25/2013

Well after spending the week in NYC with the folks and having a great time playing tennis and soccer with my kiddos and eating lots of great food it was time to get back to the hills. I called Mr. Reliable Fondl and we headed up Grizzly Gulch for some fun. Gotta love checking the […]

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Jun 17 2013

Mount Sniktau 13,234′ – Northeast Bowl – Get a moving – 6/15/2013

After moving all my stuff it was now time to move Allison’s stuff. We got most of it done Thursday and Friday so we figured we could get in a ski on Saturday. We headed up with 2 cars and left a shuttle ride at the Herman’s Gulch trailhead. We then drove up to Loveland […]

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Jun 17 2013

Whale Peak 13,078′ – 6/9/2013 – Gibson’s Gully – A Backcountry Peak Cherry

After skiing Grays we headed to Frisco and had some sandwiches at Spinelli’s. They make a mean cheesesteak. We then headed to Allison’s place and had a little nap. After that we headed to Hall Valley Ranch road and the Gibson Lake Trailhead to meet up with Danny and Brooke. It has been a while […]

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